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25 Year Fixed Rate

July 2024


REFI 6.23%


20 Year Fixed Rate

July 2024


REFI 6.30%*


10 Year Fixed Rate

July 2024


REFI 6.47%

*For loans authorized and funded in Fiscal Year 2024


RMI is the #1 Certified Development Company (CDC)
in the region. And with over 100 years of combined
experience in processing and closing loans, RMI has
everything necessary to provide the financial
resources businesses need to help them succeed.
We help people access capital to build businesses,
create jobs and enhance community growth. Let us
show you how we can help create your success

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Omni Aerospace In Kansas

Their Obstacle: New business ventures require more equipment than is currently available. What is the best option for moving forward?

Our Solution: An SBA 504 loan allows businesses to access additional funding that they need. In this case, equipment was needed to help the business grow. RMI can help you find the right 504 loan to best fit your business needs, even fixed-asset equipment loans!

White River Nursery In Arkansas

Their Obstacle: The purchase of land for the business was a bit more than originally planned due to increased property values. How could they ensure they would be able to meet the increased expenses each month?

Our Solution: Our RMI Direct loan helped ease the minds of these young business owners by providing them with fixed-rate financing. This ensured they would not encounter any surprises regarding their loan payments that would be outside of the scope of their business plan.

Summers Pharmacy In Missouri

Their Obstacle: Expanding their stores across Missouri, this business team was waiting for the perfect property to become available. When the time came, they needed to secure funding.

Our Solution: For this new business location, we recommended a 504 Loan due to the security that is intertwined with the longer-term and the locked-in interest rate. With the addition of the lower up-front costs, they benefited from sharing the loan risk with SBA.

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