RMI Success Stories

WILCO Fast Break

Palmyra, Missouri

Jeff Wilson always imagined he would own a business where satisfied customers would think of him as a friend.

Today, Wilson and his tightknit employees make customers feel like old friends at a group of convenience stores called WILCO Fast Break.

“My whole goal is to make customers feel welcome from the moment they come into my store,” says Wilson. He believes WILCO Fast Break should be known as a place where friends meet and have the opportunity to stretch and refresh before they continue their journey. “We strive to make the whole experience more personable.”

In addition, Wilson knows his famous ice cream, biscuits and gravy, and delicious deli also keep customers coming back.

Wilson began his close relationship with RMI six years ago in order to open his first store in Palmyra, Mo. As the years passed and his business continued to prosper, Wilson called RMI again to help finance a new WILCO Fast Break opening in Quincy, Ill.

Wilson and his wife Ann both work in the store daily, and they understand the value of good communication and great service. “The service and response we got from RMI is impeccable,” says Wilson. “The people at RMI have been absolutely wonderful. I’d recommend them to anyone because when you work with good people, everybody should know.”

The people at RMI have been wonderful. I'd recommend them to anyone - when you work with good people, everybody should know.

Jeff Wilson, Owner