RMI Success Stories

Therapy Support

Springfield, Missouri

For Dave and Ruscell Pavlin of Therapy Support Inc., improving the quality of people’s lives has resulted in a healthy business.

Based in Springfield, Mo., Therapy Support provides a broad range of specialty medical equipment to hospitals, hospice organizations, and long-term care facilities.

Since its modest beginning in the Pavlins’ home in 1997, the company now has 16 offices in Missouri, Ohio and Texas, and has 136 employees.

Due to their growth, the Pavlins decided in 2008 to build a corporate office in Springfield. They contacted Dave Thater at Citizens National Bank, who recommended RMI for a 504 Loan.

“RMI’s expertise made the process seamless,” says Dave Pavlin. “They were very good at explaining things upfront. We received the money and were able to start building quickly.”

While providing a thorough business history for the loan application, the Pavlins were able to see the strengths within their own company. “It was a surprisingly pleasant experience,” recalls Ruscell Pavlin, Dave’s wife and business partner.

Therapy Support’s new 16,000-sq.-ft. building was completed in February 2009, and is now the main corporate office for the entire company.

With the 504 Loan’s low interest rate and low down payment, the Pavlins have more cash available to invest back into their business. Since completing the building, Therapy Support has purchased new company software, implemented a hand-held delivery tracking system, and hired six new employees.

“We’re better able to focus on serving our customers now,” says Dave.

RMI's expertise made the process seamless. We were able to start building quickly.

Dave Pavlin, Owner