RMI Success Stories

The Goddard School®

Arnold, Missouri

Marla Brunk makes running a successful school look like child’s play.

As someone juggling motherhood and a career, Marla Brunk is no stranger to challenge. But little did she anticipate just how challenging it would be to find quality childcare for her three children. When she finally found a place she loved, The Goddard School, she decided to open a franchise of her own.

“We truly believe in The Goddard School curriculum,” explains Brunk. From sign language to yoga, the school offers unique programs for young children and an emphasis on learning through play.

In 2006, Brunk opened The Goddard School franchise in Arnold, Mo., a growing St. Louis suburb. After just a few months of leasing, Brunk was presented with the opportunity to purchase the school building and its land. She turned to RMI and the 504 Loan Program.

Brunk was impressed with how RMI understood her need to manage work and family, and even came to her home to assist with the closing. “RMI was willing to go the extra mile,” she says. “Their help throughout the process allowed me to stay focused on my family and my business.”

In its first year, Brunk’s business turned a profit and saw revenues of more than $1 million. The 8,000 sq. ft. school accommodates up to 142 children and employs a staff of 32.

And what does Brunk say contributes to her school’s success? “Relationships with the kids and parents are key,” she notes. “You really become a part of each child’s family.”

RMI was willing to go the extra mile. Their help allowed me to stay focused on my family and my business.

Marla Brunk, Owner