RMI Success Stories

PaperWise, Inc.

Springfield, Missouri

Eliminating paper clutter is a profitable enterprise for PaperWise, Inc., a software company specializing in document management, workflow solutions, and electronic file storage. In 2000, Shelley and Dan Langhofer bought PaperWise from parent company Bell & Howell and moved it from Salt Lake City, Utah to Springfield, Mo.

In Springfield, PaperWise continued to grow. When space became tight, additional offices were leased within the same commercial complex. But the separate offices resulted in a loss of continuity that was anything but productive for the young company and its employees.

That’s when the Langhofers knew they needed a place all their own and they were introduced to RMI and the 504 Loan Program by their banker and accountant.

A 504 Loan from RMI made it possible for Shelley and Dan to purchase an office building that doubled their space. Additionally, 504 financing allowed them to borrow funds beyond the price of the building, to include items like employee desks, phones, computers and software. “RMI helped us take our company to a whole new level. They are truly interested in helping small businesses grow. The process with RMI was smooth and stress-free.”

From the time of their first 504 Loan, Dan and Shelley have seen their employee numbers grow from 16 to 22. Since their second 504 Loan, PaperWise has more than doubled to over 50 staff members.

Today, PaperWise, Inc. is on a path of accelerated growth. They have expanded their sales force and continue to venture into new and untapped markets, including Germany, where four government offices now use PaperWise software products.

RMI helped us get to a whole new level. They are truly interested in helping small businesses grow.

Shelley & Dan Langhofer, Owners