RMI Success Stories

Northridge Academy

Wichita, Kansas

As a teacher and then director of a private childcare preschool, Lori Tos believed she knew the business better than anyone else. So, when the opportunity to own her own preschool presented itself in 2006, she jumped.

Lori’s search for financing to buy the preschool led her to a conversation with her local banker, and an introduction to RMI. When financing with Lori’s bank hit a snag, RMI searched out other sources for her until they found the perfect banking partner— Legacy Bank, right next door to the preschool.

“No one locally knew much about 504 Loans. I was ready to quit trying until RMI came along. They found ways to make it work.”

Today, Lori’s Northridge Academy is the largest privately owned childcare facility in Wichita, Kan., accommodating up to 165 children. Housed in a 16,000-square- foot facility, it features 12 classrooms, a huge gymnasium, and a restaurant-style kitchen, all on a beautiful lakefront property. With a full curriculum, music enrichment and P.E., Northridge offers much more.

Lori now spends her time providing the best childcare possible. As the managing owner and director of Northridge Academy, she is free to make the decisions she thinks will best benefit the children.

Eventually she hopes to grow the school, utilizing a small parcel of land next door to build additional classrooms. With a two-and-a-half-year waiting list to enroll at Northridge Academy, Lori is confident she can fill the space.

Before RMI, I had trouble securing financing. RMI found ways to make it work.

Lori Tos, Owner