RMI Success Stories

Mitchum Jewelers

Ozark, Missouri

For John and Carolyn Mitchum, running a trusted, family-owned business is worth its weight in gold.

Even in high school, John Mitchum knew he wanted to work with watches. So in 1965, after trade school and an apprenticeship, he jumped at the chance to purchase a jewelry store in Ozark, Mo.

Since then, Mitchum Jewelers has become one of Ozark’s oldest and most trusted retailers. “We know our customers and remember their names,” says Mitchum. “We even know what they might be looking for. Our focus has always been on customers. It’s how we’ve built our business.”

With the addition of John’s son Randy, and sales continuing to climb, Mitchum Jewelers had outgrown its 1,300 sq. ft. location by 2007. “We were basically running over each other,” recalls Mitchum.

With a clear vision of the kind of building he wanted, Mitchum consulted with his banker, who introduced him to RMI. “RMI made the whole process simple and stress-free,” Mitchum says. “With a 504 Loan, I don’t have to refinance the business every three years. The fixed loan payments really allow us to budget.”

Today, Mitchum Jewelers is located in a new 2,700 sq. ft. store with a beautiful showroom, a lounge area, and a comfortable break room for employees.

Since moving into the new building, Mitchum’s staff has nearly doubled and their in-house jewelry repair center continues to grow.

“Growth comes from satisfied customers,” says Mitchum. “When customers are happy, they send other people your way. We’re honest and fair, and customers know we’ll always be here.”

RMI made the whole process simple and stress-free.

Carolyn & John Mitchell, Owners