RMI Success Stories

J&L Staggs

Perryville, Missouri

John Staggs says it’s the familiar hometown faces that make a business like his successful.

When opportunity came knocking in his hometown of Perryville, Mo., John Staggs knew it was the right time to start his own business. He had worked for more than 20 years in sales and service and had grown weary of long daily commutes. When the opportunity to purchase a Sears® Authorized Dealer franchise came along in 2002, Staggs’ wife Lisa encouraged him to take it.

A well-recognized national brand, Sears washers, dryers and stoves account for the largest part of Staggs’ sales. The Perryville store also sells hardware supplies, lawn and garden items, fitness equipment and electronics.

In 2008, another opportunity came knocking when Staggs was given the option to buy the store property. He worked with Kenny Anderson of The Bank of Missouri, who encouraged him to pursue a 504 Loan and introduced him to RMI.

“I have all my accounts through one bank, so the 504 Loan gave me a way to bring in another partner,” says Staggs. “Working with RMI took the strain off everyone. This option really worked out well for me.”

Staggs enjoys what he does every day. He and Lisa are proud to be able to offer a name like Sears in his hometown. Purchasing the building not only increased his assets, but also sent a clear message of stability to Staggs’ customers.

“When the community sees you take that step and make that investment,” Staggs says, “it reassures them that you’re here to stay.”

Working with RMI took the strain off everyone involved. This option has really worked out well for me.

John Staggs, Owner