RMI Success Stories

Central States Industrial

Springfield, Missouri

Continuing a family legacy and building for the future is a tough challenge. Just ask Mark Cook of Central States Industrial (CSI) in Springfield, Mo.

For more than 30 years, CSI has been growing. Today, CSI fabricates and maintains process documentation on piping-related component systems and subsystems for food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic and biotechnology industries.

In 1997, the Cook family built a new facility and sought out 504 financing from RMI. “We looked at financing alternatives and decided to go with a 504 Loan. The financial debt structure benefited us, as well as the fixed interest rate feature,” says Cook. Ten years later, RMI again assisted CSI in an expansion to create more storage space and a larger production area.

The success of both projects has allowed the Cooks to focus on other aspects of the business to accommodate growth. “We’re consistently growing and adding people, year after year.” CSI has added about 65 jobs since its first 504 Loan with RMI. Like the products it manufactures, each job is an important component of the business and the community.

“Our success is based on the people who work here. When you create an environment where people work together as a team to take care of customers, you’ll be successful.”

504 Loans from RMI have helped us grow our business and create jobs.

Mark Cook, Owner